Where we are

Casa Les Germanes is in Gramuntell (la Segarra, Lleida), a small town of 25 inhabitants in the middle of cereal fields and almond trees, where time seems to have stopped. You won’t find the serenity you breathe there almost anywhere else. From here you can take walks in the mountains or in the middle of the fields and you can see animals in their natural habitat: birds of all kinds, rabbits, owls, foxes, eagles, wild boars, badgers, partridges…
In La Segarra, the territory is austere. Endearing people. The stones, friends. Here the cereals turn fields green that in June take on the color of gold, when the evening falls. It is a land rarely touched by the hand of man. The landscape has not changed much in recent centuries. The peace, silence and nature of this region captivated us so much that we never wanted to leave again. We will be delighted if you want to come live this experience in our house. We would like to thank the generosity of some lovers of La Segarra who have given us their photographs, in order to be able to show the beauty of this territory. You can follow them on their Instagram accounts: @somsegarra @blancamj @eloysarrat @christyanmartosphoto @montfalcom i @bernat_fuertes

Gramuntell is 10 minutes from Cervera, the capital of Segarra, a place with all the services and shops and with a very active cultural and festive life.

What to visit?

The offer of interesting places in La Segarra and the surrounding counties is rich and varied. But if there is one thing that stands out, it is its heritage offer. La Segarra was borderland and, therefore, a multitude of castles, closed villas and defensive towers were built there to stop the expansion of Al-Andalus. So much so, that La Segarra is often known as the “Land of Castles”. If you want to see more photos of the area: www.somsegarra.cat


Montfalcó Murallat


Torre de Vallferosa



We are in an eminently agricultural country with cereals as the star crop. Around, a network of small towns, some of which have hardly changed since the Middle Ages (Montfalcó Murallat). Others have grown, as is the case of the capital of the region, Cervera, a center of interest for its University and its Passion, one of the oldest performances in Europe.
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